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Public Schools

As the product of public schools and the mom of two boys attending OKCPS Public Schools, Ellen knows the importance of our public schools to the future of our state. She knows that we need to fund our schools to the regional average, increase teacher pay, and ensure we are recruiting the best teachers to Oklahoma. Ellen also will work to ensure that every student is safe at school and feels valued. 


Access to Healthcare and Reproductive Care

Ellen knows that every Oklahoma family deserves access to affordable healthcare. As the spouse of a doctor she knows the importance of having quality doctors in our state. Ellen knows that medical decisions should be kept between a family and their doctor. She will fight for access to all reproductive health care options and will work to roll back our strict abortion laws. 


Voting and Ballot Access

Oklahoma has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country and Ellen will work to ensure that every Oklahoman can exercise their right to vote. She supports expanding access to mail-in ballots, implementing same-day voter registration, starting online voter registration, and increasing the time for early voting.

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